The purpose of this trial coaching session is to give you an experience of a talkingcures coaching session. If you find this style comfortable and the structure works for you, there’ll be no surprises once you move onto the full sessions.

In this example session, we will work on how to remove a negative feeling you have in a particular situation. A feeling that you’d like to stop feeling. This coaching session will give you a practical way to reduce the feeling and some insight into how you can stop it happening in the future. Sound good?

Repetition is the mother of learning

No one goes to the gym once and expects to be fit, no one does couch to 5k in one session, working on your mental health and wellbeing is just the same. The more you do it the better it gets. That’s why our full coaching sessions are designed to be used more than once. We encourage you to use them on a regular basis to work on aspects of the same problem or new issues. In that way each session will be unique and provide new thoughts, learnings, and insights.

About this trial session - Unwanted Negative Emotions

The relationship between coach and client is probably the single most important factor for success. If you like and trust your coach, whatever their coaching speciality or training, you’re likely to get a better result than not. This trial session is to help you decide if talkingcures will work for you. If it does maybe you’ll decide to use some of the other free resources, tell others that need help about us or perhaps even consider taking one of our coaching courses. If not, you haven’t lost anything except some time.

What to expect during the Session

In this Negative Feeling or Emotion Trial Session, we will:

  1. Discover the root cause of the negative feeling or emotion.
  2. Find the relationship between the root cause and how it conflicts with your deeper identity beliefs.
  3. Provide you with an easy and practical way to stop it surfacing or control it if it does.
  4. Reframe and future pace the changes made so that the old feeling will be replaced by new positive feelings.

Are you sitting comfortably?

It’s best to do this session in a quiet, private place that’s free from distractions. Depending on your answers it should take around 10 - 20 minutes. During the session you’ll need to be moving your hands, well at least one of them, so best to do this session somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable doing that.

Let’s begin

Click on the link below to begin the dialogue. Once you have finished read the Post-Session notes below.

Post-Session Notes


Homework - practice the waving anchoring technique to reduce and stop that old negative feeling.

In the meantime there are a number of ways to help finally put that old negative feeling behind you. Some are free, others we charge a small fee for, as that's how we fund all of the free stuff, including the Trial Session you've just had. We're comitted to making sessions like this free for anyone that needs them. Please consider supporting us and the help we provide to others.

Resource Centre - There are numerous book on this subject features in our Resource Centre. Perhaps it's worth looking over what's available.

Other Contact Details - We would always suggest consulting with a qualified professional, especially if you feel you need more help than talkingcures can provide. If you need extra help with this issue or any other issue, we have nummerous professional contacts in our Resource Directory.

Session Notes - Consider purchasing a copy of the Session Notes, which have an additional summary of your unique positive thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Coaching Course - If you found this Trial Session useful, imagine what a full Coaching Course would do. Each course contains over 5 hours of coaching over 7 distinct sessions, which can be completed in your own time at your own pace. All of the session notes are included, as well as a pdf download of the sessions, so you can work

Weekly Email Interventions - Every week for eight weeks a new 5 minute 'quick fix' mini session, focussed on a practical technique to help you overcome negative feeling will arrive in your inbox.