What can you expect?

Put simply, change. We all have things in our lives that we want to change. We have formed attitudes, made decisions, and enacted behaviours that limit our potential and stop us being the best versions of ourselves. Many of these issues we’ve been carrying around with us for some time now but try as we might those old negative feelings and behaviours just refuse to go away. We know rationally that if only we could be rid of those negative emotions, we’d feel and be so much better, yet they stubbornly remain. That’s the reason talkingcures is here, to help finally put them behind you, and it’s probably why you’re here too.

Talkingcures is personal face-to-face coaching or therapy, without the face-to-face element, as all the sessions are conducted remotely using our coaching software. During the sessions we’ll ask questions, and you’ll answer with whatever comes to mind. That will then suggest another question. Our gentle prompting will help guide you to new thoughts, feelings, and insights on the presenting problem. During the process, sooner or later, you’ll notice that you begin to feel differently about that old problem. You’ll be able to imagine what happens when you finally put it behind you.

Although the session are uniquely designed to engage with specific presenting problems, the sessions use a similar underlying three section structure:

    1. Pre-Session - before the session, we evaluate if this specific session is the right one for you, agree on the framework and terms of the session, then in the context of the problem, understand your personal history, how it’s affected you in the past, what you’ve done previously to solve it, which helps us to understand the best direction to take to make a difference right now. We’ll discuss core concepts of health and healing, ask questions to tease out the underlying cause and find what triggers the problem.
    2. Main Session - this is where the bulk of the changes are made. Interventions, exercises, and practical techniques are used in specific combinations to remove the old problem and replace it with new thoughts, feelings, and insights. These are then fixed so that you’ll start to feel and behave differently.
    3. Post Session - once the hard work is done, we’ll test the changes made, ensure they are appropriate with exercises designed to check the ecology of the session. Then finish up by suggesting strategies that make the positive benefits stick, this may include some recommendations for homework or further action.

24/7 personal coaching

You can get help from our talkingcure sessions quickly and easily because our coaching software is always ready and waiting so the healing dialogue happens whenever you need it, wherever you are, whenever you want. Many people prefer this because there’s no one else actively involved in the session, it's personal to you. That makes our clients feel more relaxed, more likely to open up because of the anonymity.

Many of the sessions are free to use and easily accessible, available just when you need them. Talkingcures is always on hand, ready to give you another option, another way to be rid of that old problem.


How good are talkingcures?

Talkingcures are helpful for many negative emotions and behaviours. For example, it includes the exact same interventions, techniques and process used in a public trial of alternative therapies that cured a thirty-year needle phobia in less than two hours. At the time this successful result was widely featured in the UK National press, specifically the Daily Mail and Women's Own magazine.

Obviously, it’s not a substitute for, or intended to be an alternative for a face-to-face professional consultation. Talkingcures are for people who feel they need some help, coaching or guidance and for whatever reason can’t get to see a medical professional right now.

Clients who have used talkingcures say “It is just like giving yourself permission, allowing yourself to feel better...”, “it’s important, would definitely recommend’, “it isn't a complete magic wand (nothing is) it has dramatically made a difference” and “definitely helped’.

Others have who have used the exact same talkingcures have said “it’s basic” and “it's generic with generic techniques”. Who’s right? Both are, talkingcures “isn’t a complete magic wand” and won’t suit everyone, nothing does. One thing that is true, because the sessions work with and respond to your input, you’ll get out what you put in. The quality of your responses will make talkingcures work and help make changes for the better.



How does it work?

Our sessions are based on a therapeutic coaching style that has been in use for over 50 years to create positive results quickly and with minimum stress. Talkingcures uses a combination of Neurolinguistic, Hypnosis and Time-Line techniques wrapped into the proprietary online sessions. There is no human coach at the other end of the conversation. When, you talk during a talkingcures session, the response is based on your answers, with talkingcures choosing the most appropriate questions, interventions, or techniques to help you solve the presenting problem. Throughout the session your progress will be checked, suggestions made, and perhaps even practical tasks set, to be completed before moving on.

Work in your own time, at your own comfortable pace. You don’t have to complete the session in one go, as you can stop to evaluate what’s happened, then return to where you left off. Each talkingcures session is left open for you to complete for 14 days before the session is ended.



What talkingcures are available?

There are talkingcures for a range of common underlying issues that affect and prevent people from living their best lives, currently there are talkingcures for; Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Despair, Fear, Guilt, Panic, Phobia, PSTD, Rage, Regret, Remorse, Resentment, Sadness, Social Anxiety and Separation Anxiety. We’re working hard to expand the catalogue and create additional resources and sessions. Often there are off-session materials suggested that work in tandem with the talkingcure sessions.

Talkingcures Life Coaching, a powerful tool for change is also available with specific sections that focus on Business & Career, Family, Goal Setting, Health & Fitness, Life Purpose, Money & Wealth, Personality, Personal Development and Relationships.



What other help do you provide?

PDF transcripts of your session, unique and personal to you, the transcript allows you to review the session, make additional notes, gain a different perspective, change answers based on your new experience and re-evaluate in a way that often provides new learnings, insights, and understanding. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the session transcript is our most popular off-session add on.

Pre-recorded interventions and techniques have been recorded so you can listen to them offline. Often experiencing elements of the session using a different medium, sound in this instance, will create a different response.

Therapeutic and relaxation downloads that complement the sessions are available, they work in slightly different ways to the sessions, using metaphor, mindfulness and gentle positive suggestion, so are a highly effective way to re-enforce the changes already made.

PDF exercise and workbooks - to print out and work with offline. As with the pre-recorded material, often viewing the interventions and techniques in a different medium provides another perspective and increases the process of positive change.

Talkingcures Resource Centre has a comprehensive list of 3rd party, mostly charitable organisations that provide help with the problems and issues covered by our talkingcures. As we operate in the UK the list is also UK based.


What if you could let go of that problem right now?

How would you feel? How would you act? How would your life be different from now on? You could carry on the way you have but now it’s easy, with talkingcures to try something different, something positive, is it not? Perhaps you can imagine how your life could quickly change for the better.

Can I start right now?

If now is the time to make a change, then yes. That’s right, to experience the benefits, just pick one of the free sessions, click the ‘I’m ready to change’ button and experience how talkingcures can help. You can use the free sessions as often as you need.

Before you use talkingcures for the first time, we’ll ask for some basic details. This is to protect both you and us. It ensures that the talkingcure chosen is appropriate for the presenting problem and to remind you that it is not, or intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice. You’ll only need to do this once as talkingcures will recognise any previous sessions to make future sessions more tailored to your needs.