Screen Cleaner and Sanitiser

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your smartphone or tablet screen?

Obviously, we all know that we should clean our touchscreen to remove oils, fingerprints, grime, and now germs. COVID has highlighted that it's good practice to keep things as clean as we possibly can. That’s why cleaning touch screens should be part of a cleaning regime, especially as touchscreens, specifically mobile phones, can hold as many as 10x the germs of a toilet seat. Yuk!

Our phones and screens often travel with us, when we work, go shopping, relax, they go everywhere we do and it’s likely they will pick up germs along the way. If they are not cleaned, they can become a breeding ground for unwanted germs. And a recent survey discovered that typically we touch our phones over 2,600 a day.

Don’t just clean, sanitise

Simple cleaning with a traditional screen cleaning spray probably isn’t enough to ensure you are safe. Even cleaners made with isopropanol alcohol take up to 5 minutes to fully sanitise a screen.  So, you can't simply use harsh chemicals, including, disinfectant wipes, diluted bleach, anything with ammonia, or alcohol-based cleaners and expect to be safe. Because even if they were effective, they could damage the coating on the screen.

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Surprisingly, there is an instantly effective sanitiser that is also a 100% natural product

There is a natural sanitiser, one that is completely natural, free from harsh chemicals, vegan and kills 99.999% of germs on contact. It’s called hypochlorous and it’s the chemical the white blood cells in the body’s immune system use to fight infection. Hypochlorous is the active ingredient in our Ecopure Screen Cleaner and Sanitiser. It’s a 100% safe and natural way to keep your screens clean and ensure that they are bug and germ free.

Our screen cleaner and sanitiser is used by cafes and restaurants to sanitise their touch screens and now it’s available for domestic use. More effective and faster acting than alcohol-based sanitisers or disinfectants, Ecopure is harmless to people, animals, and the environment. It's Vegan, Eco-friendly and contains no alcohol and is made from totally natural ingredients.


We also make a Glasses and Lens Sanitiser to keep your glasses germ free.