Face Mask Surface Sanitiser Spray

Face Mask Surface Sanitiser Spray

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Kills 99.999% of All Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi on Contact. Handy Take Anywhere 50ml Bottle. All Natural, Eco-Friendly Ingredients. Vegan.

IDEAL TO SANITIZE A REUSABLE OR WASHABLE FACE MASK ON THE GO, just spray the inside of the mask to kill 99.999% of all germs on contact. Works perfectly on soft surfaces such as fabric, cloth or cotton face masks. Can be used to disinfect face mask filters on the move or prior to washing.

2 IN 1 FACE MASK & SURFACE SANITIZING SPRAY. If your face mask gets hot or stuffy, simply spray the inside of the mask to cool and sanitise at the same time. Also use to sanitize any surface you may have to come into contact with, simply spray before you touch to stay safe.

Extend the life of your mask. Just spray on the inside and outside of your facemask after each use. Can be used on disposable or cloth masks to prolong use.

MORE EFFECTIVE THAN ALCOHOL-BASED SANITISERS, antiseptics and disinfectants because they can take up to 10-15 minutes to kill pathogens. This Face Mask Surface Sanitising Spray kills 99.999% of pathogens on contact. Contains no alcohol, harmful chemicals or preservatives so it can be used safely around children and pets. Kind to sensitive skin, Vegan and not tested on animals.

A NATURAL AND GREEN product, 100% safe and natural. Highly effective on both hard and soft surfaces. HANDY 'CARRY ANYWHERE' 50ml Pocket Size. Buy with confidence, Ecopure is made in the UK and backed by our FULL 100% NO QUESTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.